Air Conditioner Parts Replacement

Air Conditioner Parts

Essential Air Conditioner Part Replacement

For your air conditioner to function efficiently, every part has to work proficiently. All the components work together to ensure there is a smooth flow of air around your home. Since every part relies on the other to function, if an element is faulty, it affects the whole system and renders your AC dysfunctional. It is also necessary that you replace the broken part as soon as possible or else it could lead to a rise in your energy bills or transfer damage to other areas.

Whenever you notice an issue with your AC, call us. We are your number one contractor for all you air conditioner parts replacement services in Raleigh, NC. Our technicians are experienced and have endless knowledge with matters regarding AC parts. They are aware of the different brands and are well-equipped to handle replacement in all of them. Do not hesitate to call; we are ready to get to work. Schedule our services today at 919-779-1237.

Air Conditioner Parts

An air conditioner is a complex machine that will need maintenance from time to time to function efficiently. The lifespan of an air conditioner can range between 15 to 20 years, that is, with a proper maintenance plan. However, within this time, some parts could corrode or break depending on the workload on your unit. Even if you use it occasionally, you will need to replace some components to function efficiently for the foreseeable future. Our technicians always are ready to provide replacement parts, ready to install them when you call for repairs.

Some of the AC Parts We Replace

The following are some of the critical parts we replace in case of wear and tear. If you notice any signs mentioned below call us for air conditioner parts replacement in Raleigh, NC.

  • Air Conditioner coil: Your air conditioner handles the refrigerant in your AC. There are two types of air conditioner coils: the condenser and evaporator coils. The common problem your AC coil faces is dirt. Dust will coat the outside part, in turn, interfering with its job of taking in and releasing heat. If you do not clean it, it can cause a rise in energy bills. Without cleaning, it can eventually start leaking, at which point you have to replace it.
  • Fan replacement: There are two types of fans, the condenser fan, responsible for blowing air over the condenser coil enabling the coolant to release heat and the second one is the AC blower that pushes air over the evaporator coil. Without it, there will be no cool air to circulate in your home. The motors and the fans will, in time, wear and tear. When this happens, you will have to replace them to ensure your AC remains functional.
  • Condenser repairs: It is responsible for getting hot air outside your home. It receives the hot refrigerant from the compressor coil, and the fan blows over the condenser coil, releasing the heat outside. Most people only think the AC is responsible for cooling our homes but not removing heat. The condenser is essential to the process; if it is dysfunctional, your unit cannot cool your home adequately.
  • Air Conditioner Compressor: The compressor ensures your refrigerant is running. If there is a problem with any section of your AC, it can negatively affect your compressor. You could choose to replace it. However, if another part is causing the issue, it will still not function efficiently. One such issue is a leaking refrigerant, which will make the compressor work hard and use more energy to keep the AC running or cause it to malfunction.
  • AC Blower repair: The blower ensures your AC’s fans are operating efficiently. It also assists in passing cool air in the vents. Such functions are essential in the functionality of your air conditioner; this way, you have to ensure your blower is working efficiently at all times. In case of a problem, you will have to replace it if you are to restore the functionality of your unit. Give us a call today at 919-779-1237.
Air conditioner part replacement

Schedule Your Repairs Today

A call will make the difference whether you will enjoy a cool temperature at home or suffer from a faulty AC. When you call us, we guarantee you a good job, leaving you with lasting solutions. Our technicians are available; feel free to contact us for replacements. Give us a call today at ​919-779-1237 for reliable air conditioner parts replacement in Raleigh, NC.

  • AC Compressor Repair/ Replace The compressor is responsible for ensuring your refrigerant is running. Since it plays such a vital role in cooling your home in the face of a problem, it will render your air conditioning unit useless. Call us for a replacement.
  • Air Conditioner Fan Repair/ Replace Your AC fans play a vital role in its functionality. This way, your AC cannot function without them, hence in the face of a problem, call us for fan repairs and replacement.
  • AC Blower repair and replace The blower plays a vital role in the functionality of your unit; if broken, it will render your air conditioner dysfunctional. Give us a call for replacement purposes.
  • A/C Coil Cleaning and Replacement If your coil is dust infested and is no longer functioning efficiently, it can lead to refrigerant leaking and a spike in energy bills; give us a call for ac coil cleaning or replacement services.
  • Condenser motor replacement Your AC’s condenser is an essential part of the cooling process. It removes hot air out; in case of a problem, your AC cannot work efficiently. Call for replacement services.