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With proper maintenance, your air conditioner should last you between 12 to 15 years. If your unit is past such an age, you are probably spending a lot on repairs and part replacements. Your bills could also rise because older units use more power to operate. If you have such an air conditioner, then it is about time you consider air conditioner replacement. When you are ready to change your air conditioner and require the services of a reliable contractor, you will find one from Air Essentials Inc.. Our technicians are always ready to get to work when you call. Contact us today at ​919-779-1237 for air conditioner installation services in Raleigh, NC.

Our Air Conditioner Installation Services

Finding the right contractor for your air conditioner installation means getting the balance between quality installation and fair pricing. That is what you will get when you choose to work with Air Essentials Inc.. We have been in the business for years and will use our wealth of experience to ensure we restore comfort in your home. Our prices are also within the market range; we do not charge you any more than what the project requires. We will inform you of the price estimation before beginning the project.

When Should You Replace Your Air Conditioner

The lifespan of an air conditioner is between 12 to 15 years. If your unit has been around for that number of years, consider replacing it. After that time, you will face the following signs as an indication you need a change.

  • Reduces comfort: After being in use for years, your air conditioner will be less efficient. There will be less heat or cool air when you need it the most. The decrease in comfort could be significant if you did not take the time to maintain your unit over the years. An aging air conditioner will also use more energy while operating. This way, you will also spend extra on your energy bills.
  • Regular Repairs: An old air conditioner will mean a rise in your energy bills while also putting extra pressure on the parts of the unit. This way, the components will break down frequently and easily. You will have to spend a lot of cash on repairs to continue relying on the same air conditioner. If you are spending half the amount you would spend on air conditioner replacement on repairs, then it is time you consider installing a new unit.

Our Professional Installation Services

When you choose to work with Air Essentials Inc., you are getting services from some of the best air conditioner installation experts in the market. Our technicians are up to date with the latest HVAC technology regarding repair, installation, and maintenance. They will use the same knowledge to ensure they provide you with the best air conditioner installation services. After settling on a choice, we will proceed to the installation, only leaving when everything is ready.

A new unit is a prudent investment. It ensures you save the money you would have spent on repairs while also guaranteeing you comfort. When making a change, we will do it using units from the best manufacturers in the market. We will also ensure to complete the project as soon as possible, ensuring you can resume the comfort of your space. For more information on our air conditioner installation services in Raleigh, NC, give us a call today at ​919-779-1237.

A New Trane Air Conditioner

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When it is time for an air conditioner replacement, you want the best contractor handling the whole process. Someone who will take minimal time to complete the process while still guaranteeing you quality work. That is what you will get when you choose Air Essentials Inc. for air conditioner installation services in Raleigh, NC. Get in touch with us today at ​919-779-1237 to schedule our services.